Ethical Hacking is the act of weaknesses and vulnerabilities of system and information by duplicating the intent and action of malicious hackers. Ethical Hacking is known as penetration testing, intrusion testing or red teaming. An ethical hacker is the security professional who applies the skills for security purposes to the information system. For fresher’s who are interested in starting their career as Ethical Hacker, and then join in Ethical Hacking Course in Chennai. For any penetrating systems, the ethical hackers are responsible. They will provide the security to the problems from cyber security.

1. Understanding the different types of Hacking

Hackers are divided into different types on according to their purposes like White Hat, Black Hat, and Grey Hat. While White and Grey Hats are generally used their hacking skills for the legal purposes. Black Hats uses their hacking skills for illegal purposes. If you are focusing on becoming the penetration tester, there are many job opportunities for this job. For protecting the application from external attacks, they will be identifying the vulnerabilities in the system.

2. Evaluating the skills and academic

Every company has the requirement, but a degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or Computer Science will build a good foundation to the ethical hacking career. To join in Ethical Hacking Course in Velachery, you need to follow these steps. An ethical hacker must have to be the good at problem-solving, capability to handle pressure and think out of the box.

3. Learn programming language

By providing the command over the programming languages such as C++, Java, PHP, Python is critical. For learning the different operating systems like Linux, Windows, UNIX and IOS. There are many training institutes for learning the Ethical Hacking Course in Chennai.

4. Update your Knowledge

Learning should not be limited to the educational background. There are hacking techniques updated every day and you need to explain the company officials, why they need to hire you as Ethical Hacker in the city.

5. Get Certified

By unleashing the inner hacker against the monster which is cyber-crime, you need to get certified. The most of them are getting certification from the Ethical Hacking Training institutes in Chennai at FITA ACADEMY. Most of the companies are ready to hire the candidates who have been certified. Many of the companies are employing the ethical hackers; you can also find the work in Hacking Consulting Companies and Service provider companies.

This is the major problem these days, not only in the physical space but also in cyberspace. By breaking the systems at past was once a time, but now it becomes full-fledged career option to the students. There has been an increase in a number of cyber crime cases on the internet like hacking emails, intercepting the sensitive data and password attacks.

I hope this article will provide you the information about the Things to do start your career in Ethical Hacking. For more interesting articles, stay connected with us!

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