Word press is nothing but the tool used for the web development without HTML, CSS and the PHP. HTML, CSS is the front-end development and PHP is the back-end development. Developing themes in the word press help to understand the syntax in the PHP. The plugins used in the word press are nothing but the web applications with PHP, my SQL and JavaScript skills. Word press theme is nothing but the collection of the HTML files. Word press development is about switching colors, fonts and widget areas with modification in the theme files. Join the PHP Training in Chennai to explore about the different angles in the PHP. Know more about it through Simple Guide on web development and wordpress development

To learn about the web development and word press development the best sequential order is word press, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. Using the word press gives an idea about the front end and back end needs of the web application. After understanding the requirement learning the coding part becomes easy. PHP Course in Chennai is designed with in-depth coverage of the syllabus to help the intended learners.

Some of the tricks that web developer should know

The animation is becoming popular in the web development and the Javascript is used to create the animation. For mobile development also the flat design is popping up. Voice recognition is also becoming famous because of the Google’s new features. The code to add the voice recognition is <input type=”text” x-web kit-speech />. Javascript and HTML help for retrieving the text lines in a platform-independent fashion and help to hide the element in HTML. The field set in the Javascript is very stylish. The checkboxes and radio buttons in the labels are described with clickable descriptions in the Javascript. Some of the interesting thing in PHP is the commenting system which needs PHP and JS for server communication and input. PHP Training Institute in Chennai is increasing in numbers as huge projects are based on PHP programming language.

PHP and Javascript which is used more for the web development?

PHP is server-side scripting language whereas Javascript is the client-side scripting language. PHP and JAVASCRIPT both are interpreted languages and easier to use as they are scripting language. Javascript interpreter is built into all the major web browsers.

Javascript is the core component of the web experience. PHP and JAVASCRIPT are embedded with the HTML to run. It is not possible to run the PHP directly into the server side. PHP and JAVASCRIPT obtain the same runtime environments. PHP is simple when compared to the nodejs. The process of using the PHP file is to download the file and whatever written in the PHP tags will make the website to function. To download the nodejs it is difficult as it requires more lines of coding and calls functions. PHP, Javascript and NODEJS work with JSON which is lightweight data format to provide the edge to the programming language.


Web development and word press development both are interesting profiles to work with. PHP Training is the base for both the courses. Learn PHP and word press development as it is user-friendly and enhances the user experience.

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