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Cloud computing is the process by which we can store and access data through internet without using the hard drive. The cloud computing has the following features such as device independence, increased productivity, low cost and reliability. In cloud computing there are mainly three benefits such as self service provisioning, pay per use and elasticity. These concepts are explained briefly in Cloud Computing Training in Chennai.

There are wide applications of cloud computing and it is limitless. Like normal computers the cloud computing system would run. Cloud computing service can be three types such as private, public and hybrid. Private cloud is operated solely for single organisation where it is maintained by third party and hosted internally or externally. Public cloud may be free and it is open for public. Hybrid cloud is the combination of private cloud and public cloud. Salesforce Training in Chennai provides CRM application that are built on the power of app cloud that you can run the business on any device, can build new customer application or can integrate with the existing back office systems. All these topics about the sales force will be covered by salesforce training institute in Chennai.

Clients are able to access the data and application at any time. The computer connected to the internet can access the clouds computing system and the data need not be confined to the hard    drive. By getting trained in Salesforce Training we can reduce the cost of hard drive. We can able to buy the terminal at fewer rates that includes monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Cloud computing helps the companies by which they can provide rent for physical space to store server and database. By using cloud computing concept we can store the data on somebody else hardware. The grid computing has the power of controlling the entire processing power.

As the cloud computing user can access the data at any time it may accidentally lead to deletion and alternation of the content. Many of the cloud computers can share the data to the third party which results in loss of security. When compared to the private cloud public cloud is of less cost however private cloud is more secure. Physical control of the computer equipment seems to be more secure than having the control on off site. There is legal problem of ownership that arises in the cloud computing.

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