How to prevent your E-mail ID’s from the hackers

In recent days e-mail account hacker has increasing, they tried to capture our personal mail & all confidential data’s in easiest way. So you will lose your private data’s to the hackers. Now, you might think how I can protect my mail from the hacker, I suggest you some trick to safe your account. Ethical Hacking Course in Chennai trains you to how to preventing & hacking all the data’s in effective manner.

  1. Login to your E-mail account:

First thing you must to do, if you having a slit doubt about your account to be hacking get into your account from the browser. If you unable to login to that account use the option as forgotten password and follow those steps, Still you have that issue reach your account from the lastly saved browser what you have remember. After login check your inbox and other item, if you have found any malfunction activities related mails kindly I have suggest you to change the password immediately. While changing your passwords you must follow these following criteria.

  • The passwords must be strong & long.
  • Use special character symbols.
  • At least one upper case should be present.
  • Use capital & small case letter instead of giving the normal letters.
  • Number should be use while choosing your password.
  • Don’t use your name or anything related to your personals.
  • Choose your account preventing PW must be unique and use multiple cases.

Why I explained this seriously because ethical hackers always use simple techniques to hack your account for that they write 2 pages of coding to stole your account. Whether you having a strong password the hackers should write more than two thousands pages of hacking coding to hack your account so that strong password is the only precaution to avoid hacking. If some possible cases they write the coding but can’t to hacking your items Ethical Hacking expertise gives this statement strongly.

  1. Simultaneously give vision to your other accounts:

Don’t be lethargic; choose different Password for your different accounts like facebook, twitter & other like this metrics. Once you have come after this method it will assist to prevent your account more secure & safe from the hackers.

Always be aware to check your spam folders and trash box sometimes the hackers accessing your account without knowing you & they try to hack your friend’s ID’s using your name so that your closest one think you need a help & they give respond to you, using this method that back sheep can easily hacking your all circle mail’s.

3.2-Step verification method:

 Google give you this features to avoid malfunction & third party access. 2- Step verification is a simple method but it assists more. I hope you all enjoy this article & utilize this tips to improve security to your account.

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