What is Selenium Webdriver?

What exactly is selenium? When it comes to cross-browser testing, Selenium is a set of technologies that is frequently utilized in the testing community. Selenium can only be used in browsers and cannot automate desktop apps. It is regarded as one of the most popular tool suites for web application automation testing since it supports […] Read More

Testing in Software Engineering

What is Software Testing? Software testing is a method for detecting whether or not a software product meets the expected requirements and is defect-free. It comprises evaluating one or more properties of interest by executing software/system components using manual or automated approaches. The purpose of software testing, in contrast to actual requirements, is to detect […] Read More

How To Become a RPA Developer

Have you ever purchased an online item and received a mail with a delivery remainder or ever filled out an online job application? If that’s the case, you’ve probably heard of the internet technology known as robotic process automation, or RPA for short. In this article, we will try to know about what is rpa […] Read More

Skills to become an Ethical Hacker

In this blog, We discuss the important skills needed to become an Ethical Hacker. Hope this blog will help you for all beginners. Ethical Hacking Ethical hacking is a technique in which professionals break into a system to detect dangers, vulnerabilities, and other issues. To become a successful Ethical hacker people must know the different […] Read More

Why Artificial Intelligence Is Important for Businesses Today?

In these days, most of the Businesses have been incorporated many technologies related to AI in business operations. Read this blog and get the knowledge from the experts through Artificial Intelligence Course in Bangalore. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science that intends to build intelligent machines. It has become an vital […] Read More

Different Roles and Responsibilities for Cyber Security Engineer

What is Cyber Security? Cyber security refers to a set of procedures for defending computers, servers, different electronic systems, mobile devices, communications and computer networks, and data against malicious attacks and threats. Students and professionals who like to enter the Cyber security field learn some of the different characteristics to become a successful hackers with […] Read More

How to prevent your E-mail ID’s from the hackers

In recent days e-mail account hacker has increasing, they tried to capture our personal mail & all confidential data’s in easiest way. So you will lose your private data’s to the hackers. Now, you might think how I can protect my mail from the hacker, I suggest you some trick to safe your account. Ethical […] Read More

Ethical Hacking Course Advantages & its Benefits

Ever thought about hacking only handle by the terrorist people but that was wrong I felt. Hacking the data can’t be implement by everyone because the person who doing ethical hacking they should have an extraordinary sense in the system and networking. Hacking concept being grown to safe our valid data from the unauthorized person […] Read More

Best Android Training Institute in Chennai

Android is most popular mobile operating system used in electronic gadgets like Smartphones, tablet computers, smart watches, televisions, etc. The introduction of Android technology makes mobile technology lot affordable. Android is powered by a Linux Kernel; it was originally developed by the Google Corporation and later by the Open Handset Alliance. As the usage of Android […] Read More

Ethical Hacking Course – Role and Job Duties of Certified Professionals

Are you a techie and interested in working in most challenging and demanding domain? Then, ethical hacking must be the right choice. Here, you need to break a software or system to identify security issues. Taking Ethical Hacking Course in Chennai will help you to enter this challenging domain. Ethical hacking is a term used […] Read More