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Android is most popular mobile operating system used in electronic gadgets like Smartphones, tablet computers, smart watches, televisions, etc. The introduction of Android technology makes mobile technology lot affordable. Android is powered by a Linux Kernel; it was originally developed by the Google Corporation and later by the Open Handset Alliance. As the usage of Android mobile phone keeps on increasing, there is massive demand for Android Apps and Games development. Thus, it has created massive career prospects for skilled and trained professionals. Android Training in Chennai from reputed IT training institute helps you to build better Android apps.

With wide range of devices in various screen sizes and resolution, there is massive opportunity for android development industries to meet the demand of huge audience with building attractive app. being an open source platform; you can use android technology without any licensing issues. Android training from the experienced app developers will assist you to learn what is android and how it interfaces with other mobile devices.

  • How to create a project for an Android App that helps you to create attractive and best performing application with ease.
  • How you run your app using Android Emulator
  • How to create a user interface using XML file
  • How to start another activity that includes interfacing with other devices

FITA Academy is one of the leading IT training and placement institute in Chennai recently launched online android training program that include live video class with experienced tutors and practical teaching with sample coding. It helps the aspiring developers to create magic in Android application development and it easier for creating robust mobile applications. Our Android training is extremely beneficial for fresh graduates and professionals looking very keen to enter mobile application development industry.

The Android SDK offers the essential tools and API’s to begin building application on Android platform using Java programming language. The android application developers can take advantage of device hardware, access location information, set alarms, run background services and add notifications on the status bar. Android developers need to have essential software package on their PC that is must for developing any Android Apps.

  • JDK 6
  • Eclipse 3.5 or later<
  • Android SDK; this course can be altered for any Android 4.x or 3.x version
  • Android Eclipse Plugin

Android Development Tools (ADT) is a plug-in used in Eclipse IDE. It is highly recommended for android developers that gives notable boost in android application development. ADT is specially designed for building android application that boost the capability and let you quickly debug your android applications using the Android SDK tools and also provide new set-up for Android projects. Here are some essentials tools loaded in ADT package.

  • Tools integration
  • Custom XML editors and
  • Debug output pane, ADT gives you an unbelievable boost in
  • Developing Android applications.

Here are some advantages of Taking Android Course in Chennai at FITA Academy?

FITA Academy is best Android Training Institute in Chennai offering professional training on Android mobile application development and Ethical Hacking Course by experienced professionals. Here are some advantages of taking android course with us

  • Opportunity for learning android app development from experts all over the world.
  • Mobile Games using android app.
  • Enterprise Mobility Application using Android app.
  • You come to Know the tips, tricks and times saving coding
  • Techniques those tech gurus follow to develop applications.
  • Understanding android programming jargon’s into simple language.

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