Today we are going to discuss about how to prevent your infected files from the virus. All might face this issue while working on your computer; sometimes we faced this problem make lost your valid data because of bad virus files. How to re-back that infected files from your infected Systems.

I have explained the tips & tactics in your understandable manner. Mostly virus just targeting your windows operating system for vandalize your data’s but our saved files often affect by the unwanted virus files, if you following this three steps you can prevent your informative data’s from the virus.

In our ethical hacking course in Chennai says data going to lost because of insecurity if you have a quality anti-virus installation you can safe your data’s from bad virus files. Simply follow these three steps to get back your infected files to the normal states.

Step 1:

Just connect USB in to your infected system, the virus of your computer hide all those data in your folder and it shown as a shortcut items that can be call Document.vbe when they executed.

Step: 2

The virus in your PC changed your files and folder in an unsupportive format by using computer user. So when you try to change those particular files you cannot change that item into normal.

Step: 3

Just go to your start menu & type cmd in a search box, you can find command prompt window, just open it.

You can see something like


If your USB connected in F drive just Type


Now the command looks like this


After type attrib –H –S F:\* /S /D

I explained the command in the following lines

“Attrib”- This helps to change your file attributes.

“-“          – Clear an attribute.

“H”         – Hidden file attributes

“S”          -System file attributes.

E:            – F drive of the USB as wildcard that says processing all files.

/S:          – that can be process to match in the present folder & all sub folders.

/D:          – Processes folders also.

This method helps to unhide your all infected files without any data loss. When you have a problem with your infected system don’t worries about your data’s you can get it back into the normal state? FITA Hacking course in Chennai teaches all ethical hacking tricks & tactics in your understandable manner & provides many sophisticated data security tricks to safe your business data’s.

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