Are you looking to start your career in ethical hacking? You must consider taking ethical hacking course in Chennai from reputed IT training and placement institute. While businesses and software development industries are undertaking various security measures and trying to boost their system security, network, application and other computer systems. There is massive demand for information security professionals with EC-Council Certifications. With our CEHv8 course, you may get required skills and knowledge required to prevent data losses, theft and employee fraud.

Career Prospects of Ethical Hacker:

Now, companies are looking for skilled and talented professionals to secure their industry infrastructure and important data. The job market looks extremely good for certified ethical hacker. Based on recent survey, the job vacancy of certified information security professionals expected to increase up to 40% in 2016.

As a beginner, you can expect salary range anything between 15000 to 20000 thousand per month, which can be determined by your educational qualification, certification, location and your job role. As experienced professionals, you can expect salary range anything between 40000 to 80000 thousand monthly.  Having said that, simply jumping in to this profession does not lucrative salary package instead of having proper knowledge. Without apt technical skills and experience, you can go beyond the limit. This hurdle can be overcome by completing the Ethical Hacking Course and EC-council Certification. Now, recruiters are searching for skilled and experienced professionals in related domain and validation for the same.

Importance of Ethical Hacking Training:

Due to increase in the need for information security professionals, ethical hacking training is gaining more important these days. Once they get trained from certified professionals, they can able to penetrate into security systems to identify the problems and find the solution to fix the security vulnerabilities. Ethical hackers are also called as “White Hat Hacker”; they specialize in ways to protect the system or software from fraudulent and malicious hacking. These white hat hackers think and act like an unethical hacker and keep their system or application so secure and hard to break. They are trained within modules to detect people who hack the system for the sake of causing trouble to the organization.

With the right techniques, these candidates are professionally trained to keep malicious hackers at the bay and protect the system from any possible attacks such as password hacks, system crashing, send extortion threats though mails, adopt criminal methods to loot funds and assets.

How to Become Certified Ethical Hacker?

Initially, you need to explore various modules available in ethical hacking. You can also getting trained from leading IT training and placement center. FITA is one of such IT training center offer hacking course in Chennai by experienced and certified ethical hacker. The steps to apply for CEH includes

  • Complete the application by getting your employer verification.
  • Attach government recognized ID proof such as passport, driving license, etc.
  • Submitted scanned copy of documents and forms
  • Make non-refundable eligibility fee of USD 100.

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