AWS aurora best practices

Maria DB and SQL are databases are the popular one in today’s world. Amazon Aurora is one of the databases and it is known for enterprise-class performance. It is an open source and simple setup makes it a popular choice. AWS Training in Chennai help the individuals to learn through practical learning about different concepts. Query metrics with Amazon Aurora For the query execution, the reads and writes are checked in the Amazon Aurora. Select throughput is used for the reads and DML-insert, ...

Simple Guide on web development and wordpress development

Web Development
Word press is nothing but the tool used for the web development without HTML, CSS and the PHP. HTML, CSS is the front-end development and PHP is the back-end development. Developing themes in the word press help to understand the syntax in the PHP. The plugins used in the word press are nothing but the web applications with PHP, my SQL and JavaScript skills. Word press theme is nothing but the collection of the HTML files. Word press development is about switching colors, fonts and widget areas ...

PG Diploma in Canada – Education Consultancy in Chennai

Canada-An ideal place for your higher education  Along with its maple leaved autumns and its cold winters, Canada serves a deluge of quality education opportunities which are internationally known. The lowered cost of education and the repute of Canadian institutions make it an ideal for students who wish to pursue their higher studies abroad .It stands third amid the most popular countries to study in after the US and the UK. Canadian universities are abundantly funded by the public sector; a...